Aryo BPM
Process Management System

Our Aryo BPM tool gives you the possibility to Model, Optimize and Execute your projects and organization processes. It provides all the necessary functionalities to set up and implement effective processes with ease. Swiftly define responsibilities, actions, and handover points. Take full advantage of automated visualizations, such as swim lanes and process diagrams, to simplify the process mapping.

Aryo Process Management benefits:

Smart process management tool

Streamline and enhance all operations within your project and organization effortlessly by mapping, optimizing, and sharing every process.

Visual Process Design

Model customized workflows based on your company’s needs. Forms, elements, and data sources are fully customizable, and no coding is necessary!

Fast workflow designer

Empower your project admin to easily build crucial project workflows with Workflow Designer’s drag-and-drop user interface, enabling swift workflow creation and deployment in a matter of minutes.

Process Insight

Zoom into each individual process to eliminate bottlenecks. You get immediate insight into who’s responsible for what in the process.

Efficient Execution

After performing your tasks, they will be automatically directed to the right team members.

Immediately Operational

Easily activate workflow created through Workflow Designer within your Aryo applications, and conveniently track the status of each step of the process within the application.